Product Information

The Uroll provides a way to carry groups of things. The Uroll was originally designed for camping cooking utensils but others have found a myriad of uses for The Uroll including: art supplies, makeup brushes, fishing gear, baby stuff, BBQ tools, and cycling gear. The Uroll is lightweight yet heavy duty and resists puncture and water.  It can roll up into at least 3 different sizes for packing into a variety of containers (backpacks, purses, tackle boxes..).  The imbedded grommets and ties not only keep the roll secured when you are on the move but can also be used to secure The Uroll to a pack, a picnic table, a tree, an easel, or even around the waist like an apron.  

We beta-tested The Uroll in the BWCA and are now enjoying the stories of where/how The Uroll is used!  

Measurements: Overall = 20" x 20"

Shipped (empty): approx 9x5x2"

Filled: common lengths are 9, 11, 18"

Weight: 5oz/140g
‚ÄčMaterial: pack cloth

Colors currently available are:

Orange with Blue 

Brown with Green